Poppy Seed Market Analysis

The market for unwashed poppy seeds has changed drastically over the years. The seeds lack bitterness and a natural feel to it. Previously the market used to be very competitive, and product quality was increasing daily. Suddenly the downfall of the market started. Promising unwashed poppy seed vendors became out of stock. Afterward, the price went up, and quality went down. 



When we talk about the pricing of poppy seeds in the market, unwashed poppy seed vendors have been ripping off customers because there is insufficient competition in the market—monopolization of the market with the same product but with different stores names. There is minimal product improvement to be seen. But, prices tend to go only up because of demand.



The quality of unwashed poppy seeds has been going down over the years. The best quality seeds were present in the market from 2017-2019; somehow, the quality went into a downward spiral over time. 

We have finally found a quality product that will bring the old days back to the market with comparable prices. We expect to launch our top-notch product very soon.



Luma Seeds' Goals:

Our business motive includes:

    1. Supplying the best quality product at the lowest possible prices.
    2. Giving our competitors a tough time, leading to lower costs and higher quality in the market.
    3. Delivering high value for money products.
    4. Providing instant and good customer support.
    5. Ensuring customer care.
    6. Providing secure checkout with multiple payment methods.
    7. Providing same-day shipping.



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  • Anonymous on

    I’m tired of being ripped off, people charging triple the price for this while everyone lays and takes it! Others promised the same conditions as before when the booksellers caught up with the market, but none of them committed to it. They lied and snaked their way into our lives taking every penny they could along the way. Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands have been swindled and manipulated!

    Lumaseeds is going to take this market right from under all the shade. I hope they’re ready to handle as much business as they’re about to get. Once people start catching on they’re going to get swamped, the guys making money are going to get pissed, and it’s going to be the greatest thing to happen to the market since it fell. I wish you all the best luck, love and care. Support for Lumaseeds is at 100%. Give me hell!!!

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