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What are unwashed poppy seeds?

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Where are unwashed poppy seeds used?

Unwashed poppy seeds have a naturally bitter taste—people who like organic food love to feel nature in its purest form. Raw poppy seeds have a much higher oil content when pressed. Typical uses include bakery items such as poppy seed muffins and others. Refer to our recipe page to know delicious ways to enjoy our all-natural poppy seeds.
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Why are unwashed poppy seeds expensive in the market compared to luma seeds?

It's solely because of supply and demand. Unwashed poppy seeds are a rare find. Poppy seeds are commonly used in their washed form because unwashed seeds may contain alkaloid opiate residue, therefore ensuring safe consumption. It needs washing at a high temperature. Poppy seeds that don't undergo physical/chemical treatment; should have lower prices than processed seeds. Sadly because the demand is high and supply is low, poppy growers and vendors try to make the most of the opportunity. Luma Seeds is here to change the trend of the poppy seed market by bringing high-quality seeds at fair pricing. Our poppy seeds are sourced directly from growers with a minimal supply chain influence. To learn more about us, visit our homepage.

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What are the different types of poppy seeds?

The main types of poppy seeds include white and blue poppy seeds. Blue poppy seeds are more common in the US market for consumption. The conventional classification for blue poppy seeds in the US market categorizes seeds based on their origins, such as Spanish, Hungarian, Australian, and UK Poppy seeds
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What's the scientific name for the poppy plant?

The scientific name for the poppy plant is papaver somniferum.
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Where do I find a reliable and consistent supplier for unwashed poppy seeds?

Look no more! Luma Seeds is here to serve the purpose. The only place where you are guaranteed to get reliable and consistent product quality at fair pricing. We will soon be in stock with our All-Natural unwashed poppy seeds. Stay tuned!

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