Top 6 Best Sources of Unwashed Poppy Seeds

The consumer market of unwashed poppy seeds has been getting supplies from many sources. Formerly, eBay was the central place to find good unwashed poppy seeds. Today we explore and investigate the list of available sources of unwashed seeds for the modern-day customer.


The best source of Uk unwashed poppy seeds | luma seeds

1. Luma Seeds

Online Stores are famous for buying unwashed seeds. Comparing the value-for-money of the seeds, When we look at most of the online stores, we deduce that paying more than $25/lb of poppy seeds is a rip-off. It is not worth it for anyone to purchase seeds at that price. We at luma seeds are conscious of our customers' discomfort with this situation. We offer 100% Unwashed seeds at pricing points that are seen nowhere in the whole poppy seed market at this time. Our prices start at $19.99/lb. Order today and give us a try.


amazon unwashed poppy seeds


2. Amazon

Vendors on Amazon don't have unwashed poppy seeds. Most of the seeds are available in small bottled quantities. The quality is low if compared to other sources nowadays. The pricing looks good, but considering the quality, it gives terrible value for money.



unwashed poppy seeds etsy

3. Etsy

The vendors on Etsy don't have unwashed seeds for sale. The product listing contains the words like "whole" or "organic". The pricing is too high. 2lbs of whole poppy seeds can cost you more than $88. Etsy is a terrible market to buy unwashed poppy seeds

 unwashed poppy seeds walmart

4. Walmart

Walmart doesn't source unwashed poppy seeds. The washed seeds available at Walmart are bottled(retail sized) if you are looking for bulk sizes like 1lb, 2 lbs, 5 lbs, or more. Go to our product page for all-natural unwashed poppy seeds

 unwashed poppy seeds ebay

5. eBay

renowned for leading the unwashed poppy seeds market is nowhere to be seen in the competition now. Only Bulk orders for more than 10lbs are available that offer bitter seeds. The issue with eBay is consistency. The vendors keep on changing from time to time. The quality isn't guaranteed to remain the same. The price fluctuates a lot. It's a pain in the neck to rely on eBay for seed consistency.


6. Local sources

Local food distributors might source unwashed poppy seeds for you. The price is, however, too high because the supply is low and the demand is high. We would recommend not buying seeds from local sources because it can turn out to be costly. Instead, use our website to place an order with express shipping. We will turn out to be nearer than your local source with our classic product quality and pricing.

 Luma seeds the best source of unwashed poppy seeds

Why should one buy from Luma Seeds?



  1. Excellent product quality.
  2. Fair and unbeatable pricing.
  3. Best value for money.
  4. Seed consistency.
  5. Multiple shipping options.
  6. Multiple payment options.
  7. Secure checkout.
  8. Instant customer support.


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